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Help needed with vin number

Ian Mk1

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Hi all,

im hoping there is someone out there that can help me with a vin number.

i recently bought a mk1 escort on eBay from seller MW car sales derbyshire27 and the ad clearly states he has the logbook and vin plate. i got the seller to deliver the car on arrival no logbook and vin plate as he got someone to deliver it . iv been ring and messageing the guy for the last 5 week at first i didnt mind as he said he would send it to me but as the weeks went on excuse after excuse i contacted eBay and they are no help at all and the guy now wont answer my calls or massages.

The detals i have is car is a mk1 escort 1973 1100L bronze reg no: SPA619L 4 keeper last v5 04/08 2019 first registered 17/07/1973 i can post pictures of the car and original number plate if that helps.

if anyone could help that would be great.

thank you Ian 

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You can write to the DVLA and explain that you are the new keeper and that the previous owner has lost the V5c

Since the vehicle is classed as "Untaxed" instead of SORN then it is at risk of being seized and even crushed by the Road Tax enforcement officers.

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