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Ford Mondeo mk3 2.2l tdci, start up idle problem

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Hello all.

I'm in need of some help, I own a Ford mondeo mk3 2.2l tdci and am having some issues involving idling and misfiring that I cannot seem to remedy not matter what I try, does anyone have any idea what may be wrong and how to fix it?

For context here are the details about the issue I'm having and what I've tried so far. 
About a year ago I changed the car's alternator, after doing this I noticed that I had a start up problem, where on start up the engine would low idle for about 2 seconds then run fine. This issue continued but did not get any worse until recently when I sent my ecu off for a stage 1 remap and egr delete. When I received the ecu back it was blank so the car sat for about a month until I found a place that could re-programme a different ecu to the car. 
After the ecu was re-programmed the idle problem got so much worse. It was low idling and would't kick up to it's normal rpm and had a major misfire with a lot of blue smoke until I cut off the auxiliary belt. Then after starting the car it was still misfiring but was a lot better than before, however it would still take 10-15 seconds for the idle point to return to its normal rpm, so I took it back to the garage where I work and put a new auxiliary belt on. 
After doing this the engine was misfiring really badly again and the engine would die before it would idle correctly. So I took off the belt and checked all the pullies and alternator to make sure everything was free (which it was). 
After putting the belt back on I noticed the alternator was making a weird noise so I thought that it might be the alternator however after replacing it and putting the belt back on nothing had changed and the noise was still there. It was still misfiring with a lot of blue smoke and would not go to its normal rpm. Randomly after trying multiple times to start the car it idled low and then kicked up and then only started to do it about 30 seconds after turning the key. 
A couple of days later I did a leak down test on the injectors and found one was spraying too much so I replaced it, that also changed nothing, so I decided to check the main red cable from the alternator to which everytime you start the car and take that cable off the alternator or the battery the car would rev up almost instantly.
Next after doing a lot of research I realised that I had put a euro 3 ecu on my euro 4 engine (stupid me) so I got a different ecu again which was already coded (euro 4 this time) thinking it would sort everything and it would go back to how it was before but it didn't, it changed nothing.
Then I noticed the red cable was connected to the starter so I tried replacing that but it still changed nothing. When I start the car sometimes it will go to it's normal rev but alot of blue smoke will come out of the exhaust, and will misfire like crazy but if I hard rev it will happen a lot less, but a mohority of the time when I start it, it will low idle for about 10 to 20 seconds I will have no throttle response in this time then when the idling returns to normal it will be okay with a little missfire and a small amount of blue smoke.
The best mpg I have had with it is 22.1, the battery light will stay on until the rpm normalises, there is no engine codes and will not go any higher, I have checked fuses and I have resaerched a lot of stuff and found nothing. 

I have no idea what to try next. If anyone is able to offer any help or advise it would be much appreciated. 

Thank you

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I find it strange reading through this that there is no mention of any fault codes or lack of, surely that would be the first place to start.

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