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Mini Service (Focus 02)(Matts zetec)

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Today saturday 13 september

well wat a fun day it has been beautiful to work out in the sun underneath my hot engine and oil blacker than the colour itself well imagine a tyre it was worse

thought the car was a bit sluggish as you all know my iac was on its way out well i replaced that today hasnt seemed to have done much im now thinking th stalling problem is sconeected to battery i only have a 390a 49ah stupid fiesta battery(came with car) i think in there were as im meant to have a 520a calcium thing anyways

i thought i would take wheels off to look for my squeek and i may have found the problem but before that i was taking the passenger side wheel off and my locking wheel nut just happend to roll and fall down a drain in the road im telling u now when u have to clear rain water out the drain and shove ur head and hand in it to get ur lock nut back you realise 1.im too close to the drain and 2.buy anthor lock nut

well after all the shi t i got started i thing the exhaust mounts are all too lose and the exhaust sounds like it has a stone in it as it rattle when you put your foot down and rev it and rattles so now get parts ready




OIL FILTER (Smaller than one on the car) £2.74





No need for oil filter need a cabin but can get a motrio one from work for £11.92 lol

Changed oil as it was really black and low

Plugs changed nothing really wrong with others except they were NGK keep them incase these naker up

idle air control valve (i got pics to add yet do them tmra after been to LE MANS silverstone) that was easy

5.....4......3.......2.......1 Ford Focus is GO!!!!!!

Yes she fired up and sounded so sweet jobs a gud'n

service your ford for like under £40 day today

Thanks for reading every one


p.s sorry its a bit of a long one:D

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Good to know there is still a few who DIY it. Easy jobs are soon done. Well done mate with the price's. Good result.

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good to hear you got it all sorted, next time you have a drain problem try an old speaker magnet on a piece of rope(been there,done that,got the teeshirt)

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Well i was a bit of a div doing it by a drain i tell ya im so scraed of drains now lol anyways i will work on y own car to the extent of if its nakerd nakerd i wont touch it where as i need to replace my battery and exhaust rubber mounts as i think there the squeek so that should be fun


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Good read mate and glad to hear you got it all sorted.

That drain bit was quiet funny though :lol: ....... not for you obviously!

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