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Cracked Ford Audio Screen In Fiesta-Please Help!!!


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Hi Everyone,

I have cracked my boyfriends Ford Audio screen (standard one)in his fiesta (2007 model) its a liquid screen, and I am wondering how I can fix it?? will it cost a lot? or could i just replace the screen/ or the whole head unit?? The liquid has turned black and is just in the right hand side of the screen!

Please help!!!

Thank you

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hi, unfortunatly you cannot repair the screen...its now totally bust.

you could buy just the screen and replace it but that will mean you going inside of the radio, swapping with the old...in the long run...it probably not worth it, if your not techy minded.

an easier and simpler way is to buy a new headunit...a good place is fleabay. (make sure you get a code - if needed)

hope this helps

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