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Jason Tierney

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Okay two or three questions all half linked into each other. Bear with me! (Copied from another site )(Also posted in technical part of this site but think it will get more coverage here)

So if any of you have seen my Project thread (on Zsoc ) iv'e just changed the induction/air intake on my mk7 and had it rolling roaded. Results were quite good but the MD was expecting more. We(including the guys @ RS tuning) think we know why, because the 1.6 TiVCT has a MAF sensor on the induction kit and MAP sensor on throttle body(I think?) anbd the ECU isnt utilising the new information its getting about the extra air the engine is getting.

I was speaking to the guys @ mountune and was asking them about there airbox design for the 155ps fiesta asking them if it would make good gains on its own, they replied with this

"We're looking into ways and means of doing induction parts on their own but the problem lies whether the ECU is MAP or MAF-based... one will be able to cope with small changes, the other won't and I believe this will be the case with the 1.6-litre versions thus preventing such a modiciation without calibration changes."

So, I asked the guys at RS to plug it into there laptops to see if they would be able to map the car but they could only find out what a small percentage of the info was on the ECU, its a Siemens EMS R, different to the old fiestas. They said they would need to know all the info about it before they would map it as they dont want to be playing with what they dont know. Its not like Mountune will give up the details of the ECU nor will ford so just wondered if anyone knew much about remapping or much about the mk7 fiestas ECU's. If anyone has any insider infomation, as thats how most places find out how to map a new type of ECU(Leaked info).

Also another query me and Tony @ J1 automotive have is that now the car's AFR ratio is between 12-12.6 where as before it was a fairly steady 12.9-13.1. Because this will effect mpg slightly,

"I’m glad you like the kit, but I’m also concerned with the air fuel ratio, and I’m keen to see what can be done with that. With your contacts in the forums, I’m sure someone out there knows a trick or two – please keep me posted.


Thanks guys! any help would be much appriciated


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Got this reply from another tuning company

hanks for your enquiry regarding your Fiesta 7. At present we are having the same issues as the remapping company you have been to suggests. This issue lays with the ignition timing once remapped. At first the map seems to work perfectly, but after a few miles the engine appears to go into a “limp home” mode. Our technical developers are working on a solution, but at present do not have a time scale to when the issue will be resolved.

Anyone know anything about my questions



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