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Climate control, cd player upgrade


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my mondeo is just an lx model with the analog contorls and basic cd player.

i was wondering if it is possible without having to do any major work to change to the upgraded 6 cd player with digital climate control

i know i would need the cd player, digital climate control u it and cradle for it all but i was wonering if the connectors are the same

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for the aircon if your car is a facelift model, you just need to swap the control panel with the on button for one with the suto button, and add a sun load sensor and interior temperature sensor inside the car, both of which the wiring is already in place for. some people have even found that they already have the sensors in place! The sunload is a purple disc in the centre of the windscreen demist vent on the top of the dash, and the temp sensor is on the rear of the cowling that fits beneath the steering column, you will see a vent on the left hand side, that's where it goes.

if its pre facelift its even more complex including having to fit a new blower motor

if you want to change the stereo you might as well go for a good aftermarket one, all the adaptor plates and cables are easy obtained.

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