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Steam Cleaning Engine Bay


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Recomended? Pro's and Con's? Local valet place does it for around £10 just worried it could cause problems on an older car. (1999 Focus, See picture)

Help and advice much appreciated as usual.

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I highly recommend only getting it done by someone who really knows how to do it otherwise as you said, damage can be done if it isn't done properly / carefully. I know one Pro though - the whole engine bay looks squeaky clean and brand new looking lol. I remember getting my Focus back in May and the engine bay looked absolutely brand new - I suspect that it was cleaned while at a Ford dealership not long before I got it as the previous owner px'ed the car there apparently. The only con that I can point out though is that within a couple of months the engine bay is completely dirty again :(


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Ive cleaned my engine bays before, I wouldnt trust anyone to do it but myself though. If you decide to have a crack at it yourself this is the way I do it.

First cover vunerable electrics with cling film, I use this stuff because its easy to manipulate around the electrics

Then spray 'gunk' or any engine degreaser over the engine bay and leave for 5 minutes

Use a light bristle brush to work in the gunk / engine degreaser

Rinse off with a hose, dont use a power hose, I just use a normal hose pipe without an attachment

Dry the bay off with a towel or whatever you have handy

Spray a plastics restorer all over the bay and leave for an hour ( I use Autoglym vinyl an rubber care)

and you should be left with a nice clean engine bay

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