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Battery Drain


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I have to jump start my 1996 1.6L Ford Escort every time I haven't driven it for a few hours as the battery is dead. battery and alternator have been tested by two separate garages and are both ok. There is a current coming out of the battery of around 3Amps when the engine is switched off. I've taken all the fuses out but the current doesn't change. Occasionally when I try to start there's also a clicking noise which sounds like it's coming from behind the steering wheel. I'm a bit stuck, any ideas?

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A friend of mine had a similar problem, turned out the after market spot lamps had its relay incorrectly wired so was permanently "on" and had been wired from just off the alternator so was not fused !....

Another thought, although you said you've removed all the fuses is the boot light staying on.

Good luck.

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