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Removal Of Mk2 Rear Bumper


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Hopefully fit a towbar and Reverse parking sensors this weekend on my MK2 hatchback

Are there any removal diagrams around ..I done a search on here,google youtube and found nothing

thanks nyck

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Had mine off to fit rear sensors [electromagnetic type] Mind you I also had my S40 Volvo bumper off prior to this Focus. But if memory serves me well, below are the Focus fixings.

two bolts, one either side of boot lid, seen when boot lifted. I also believe there are approx three/four fixings behind covers hidden behind the black composite moulding to the lower part of the boot opening.

Remove both rear wheel arch linings [can be done without the need to remove the wheels, approx 4 washers that just click and lock onto a threaded stud when pushed back on. They screw off by using your fingers, but if they wont move prize off with a screwdriver. There are two awkward to get to ones behind and to the top of the wheels, awkward in that your working a bit blind when you have your hand and forearm in there.

Once the wheel arch linings are removed, they expose hidden plastic mouldings[for want of a better word] one per wheel arch. These secure the bumper to the rear wings. The mouldings butt up to each other, and have three screws per side.

There was less hassle removing the Volvo S40 bumper, because it was not as flimsy as the Focus bumper. Hence the Focus bumper needed all these hidden fixings to keep it in shape, and give it support. Oh for the build quality of Volvo on the Focus :rolleyes:

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