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I bought a Ford Direct Mondeo in August 2010. Car first registered in Feb 2010. I had the car first serviced in February 2011 by a Ford dealer where they stamped both the service record and Body and Paint record. Whilst washing the car about 3 days ago, I noticed a small blister on the rear door. I called into my local Ford body repair centre today and they took a look. They said that this was not covered by Warranty as the blister could have been a result of an external impact, the example they gave was a gritter could have hit it with a small piece of grit which penetrated the paint and water has since entered and a blister has been formed. They told me that to fix this would cost me about £350.00.

I was wondering if anyone has came across a similar issue as I just cannot accept that this assumption means that I am not cover by warranty.

Any advice you could give would be great.


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