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Focus St 2.5Turbo 2005 Plate


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Calm down every body, well, we were fuming after being quoted £500 to rectify, rang ford, booked a slot to have the car checked.

Sympton.... fluid levels ok, no codes, start her up and idle, viewed running data on my tool, no problems then after about 7mins a whine noise appeared, did not alter with engine revs, when listerning under bonnet im pretty sure the noise was from the cam covers, but as you tilted your head it seamed to come from a different location every time, im still pretty sure is was cam cover area related, but a ford techy will be used to all the funny abnormal sounds that come from their motors.

So off to ford we go to clarify, assuming they will hear it and say hey presto and rub their hands...... £500 quote for repair,think they just started a fire with out sticks :( :unsure: , with their head under the bonnet for 30 seconds etc, they commented 'its a blocked oil filter housing', and £500 to put right.

Any one else come across this sympton, is it a common problem ?

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when i first read the 'whine' description i thought it would be another alternator which had gone on another ST. i had to replace it on my ST before i got rid of her. another common problem around the 50k mile mark is the oil diaphragm, sounds like a vacuum cleaner when this goes!

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