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Engine Conversion

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Hi, I was just wondering if anyone could help me out. I was thinking of converting a fiesta mk6 1.25 engine to give it a speed boost and was at first told to use a puma 1.7I engine. I found out this wouldn't fit the mk6 it was for the mk5 only, and then i got told to fit in the focus st170 engine as the mounting brackets are the same. Does anyone know if this would work, or any other solutions?

Thanks =]

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if your looking for a direct fit engine/ecu etc i would go for the biggest available in a mk6 fiesta as anything else is going to require some modification, at least exhaust and pipework etc,

if not then you can have pretty much anything you want with enough money. :)

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Right mate lets get a few things straight, first off im Luke from Fordtech tuning www.fordtech.co.uk and i also have a MK6 Fiesta with a 1.25 engine the 1.7 engine from the puma is also a zetec se so is a direct replacment. all you need is... engine, loom, engine mount, ecu, key and transponder ring. if your thinking of a 2l there is no piont as the 1.7 is the same bhp as the 2.0 and you have the added bonus of the VVT system on the 1.7. the 2l is a duratec and will need alot more work in order to fit (remember these have duel mass flywheels so gearbox will also be needed and custom or ST150 driveshats)

Visit the site for more details mate

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