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Where's The Oilfilter On A Fiesta 2004?


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I'm doing a oil service on my Fiesta from 2004. Where is the oil filter? What tool do I need to have it removed?

First you would need a oil filter wrench looks something like this.


Propbaily get it cheaper has in for the location of your oil filter if you open your bonnet and look staraight down just below the radiator should be there but iam not to sure. The last fiesta 1.4 i done a oil change on the filter was there.

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Diesel or petrol??

To be fair, if you're pretty strong you don't really need the tool. Some plumbers pipe grips will work if you have them handy.

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The oil filter is on the underside of the engine, so will be easier to do it lying under itturning it to your left i think. As for the air filter its inside the black plastic box on the top of your engine, you will need to take the 2 screws out of the top of the box then pull it off (its pretty sturdy so dont be afraid to pull quite hard.) then there are 9-10 screws on the underside that need to be taken out then it just prises apart and the filter is looking right at you.

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