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My Fiesta 03

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If it was down to the oil it would be the oil light that would come on. same for battery / alternator, the battery light would come back on. it seems there may be a sensor / other error been detected. As you probably dont have either a trip computer, or DTC code reader, more info is going to be needed on performance etc to help

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Well its got 75k on the clock and up to the light coming

On it was working perfectly, just recently went through the MOT and passed before the light came on.

With nothing indicating a problem that you can see or feel, it sounds like its a sensor gone bad, without a DTC code reader, its likely you will have to visit a garage and get it hooked up to the diagnostics machine. If you have a friend who can do it on their DTC Code reader, or even on a proper garage PC for a small fee then get it done there first. It could save a few quid, otherwise you may well have to take it straight to Ford. with very little to go on, there isnt much that I / anyone else could suggest.

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