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Tdci Cutting Out But Starting When U Turn Off Then Back On

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i own a 2002 ford mondeo ghia x estate which i bought off my father about 3 yrs ago.when i got it i had stood for 6 months in the local ford dealer due to the ecu being faulty and at the tiem a lot had crash and burn so the ecus where not ready avaiable to replace then.as the supplier could not keep up with demand for new ones.the dealer put new discs on and a full service and 12 month mot when they return it to my father where i shortly purchased of him.

now i have been running it ever since till just over 18 months ago.i was driving down the motorway at a steady 70 on cruise control when all of a sudden the engine cut out.i pulled over switch it off looked around everything seemed out started it again no problem.took it in for a service and they said there was a bit a water in filter so i put it down top that.then afew weeks later the same again happened but this time i started it again ran a few hundred yards and it do the same again a couple of times.then it would run weeks with out it doing it at all.it did it on saturday to me again but hsi tiem on the 3rd time it would not start straight away just turn over.so i left it a min and started agian and was fine.then later i nthe evening when i pulled up outside my sisters it just cut out completely.left it 10 mins run home about 30 mile and it ran sweet as anyhting.

i run to work in it every week along the motorway at 70mph no more use Shell regular diesel.ask fords to see what they say.it cost 150 to put it on the machine then it could be the pump which is 900 or the injectors or both and that would be 2000 to replace the lot if any are fautly.

cam any shine some light on htsi problem for me plz.as at times it pisses me off but most of the time it runs fine and nothing happens for weeks at all.plus i returning about 54.7 to gallon out of it when on motorway as that is the main bit of my driving.

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fords £2000 quote will be from experience. the pumps on these are crap, the roller bearings break down and the metal particles travel round fuel return lines>into tank>then back up to block or damage injectors. are you saying ford did put it on machine or just quoted? you need someone who knows their stuff with these engines,i would agree that a cam sensor could be the fault but before you run out and buy one please read my full post. also a fuel pressure sensor connector could be the cause. try wiggling connector with engine ticking over to see if it cuts out. if it does there is a modified connector available

1st job scan with ids for codes. if any fuel faults are logged monitor fuel system in live data. note down fuel info.

2nd do a leak off test and make a note of readings

3rd a diesel sample needs to be checked for metalic particles....if found drop tank and flush thouroughly tank, fuel lines including return, common rail and injector pipes and filter housing. replace filter even if not due.

4th update pcm and injector drive module software and reset learned values

5th do another leak off test and compare readings. if a suspect injector found replace and code in just that one.

as your car is running i would do the fuel sample regardless of codes as preventing damage on this fuel system will save you a FORTUNE.

regards steve

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