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Running Speaker Cables Down Drivers Side

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Basically I'm looking to install a 4 channel Amp under the drivers seat.

I have a power distribution block under the back seats and will soon install a ground box. RCA cables run down the passenger side.

So what I'm looking to do is run power/ground/RCA from back seats to Amp.

I then want to run the speaker cables from the HU down the drivers side to the Amp.

Has anyone ran cables down the drivers side? and have a guide?

Or would it be easier to run it down the passenger side round the back seats and to the Amp?



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if you run the speaker wire's down the drivers side then it would be the same as doin it on the passenger side,

the only thing u would have to check is that there's no power source on the drivers side as am lead to beleave that this affects the speaker wire's, ( how true this is i dont know,)

and can i ask why you would want to put a power distribution block in, (this would mean running a live wire all the way down one side of the car to then have run another live wire from the block to the amp,) for you then to run wire's back to the amp under the drivers seat, the less connections you have, and basicely the shorter the feed, the less power ur lose,

if i where u i would run a live feed straight from the battery with 2 in line fuse, which can go straight to the amp, if you are still wanting to put the amp under the drivers seat the u will have to remove the seat and to make it looking nice lift the carpets up, so all you wire's are hidden, right up to the point where the amp is,

hope this helps

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