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Oil Leak From Near Cam Belt Pulley


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I'm just in process of buying 2000/X reg Focus 1.8 LX petrol.

The only thing of concern I can note is an oil leak from near the front most pulley on the cam belt (driver's side of engine). There is a pulley on the belt that appears to drive, I think, an air-con box (not 100% sure if that's what it is but it has pipes that also connect to the radiator). Would anyone be able to tell me...

- what this unit is that's driven by the pulley? (that will help me Google it!)

- whether this might be serious? I'm assuming it is an oil seal that connects the box to the engine and that it won't be too difficult to change.

Any help much appreciated.

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It could be the power steering pump. They can leak leaving an oily mess in the engine bay. My own had the same trouble and a reconditioned pump was the needed.

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Thanks for the lead H3lly, that's really helpful.

BTW - do you know anywhere on line where I can find a good picture of the pump in place? I've googled images but nothing of use comes up.



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