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Mondeo Mk3 Front Seats??


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Hi all,

My parents have just bought a mk3 mondeo to replace their older mk2 but my mum cannot get on with the passenger seat as it seems to dig into her back quite a lot!?! Its ok for me when i sit in there but i'm taller. Their mk3 is a 2005 1.8 LX.

My mum wants to know if mk3 mondeo sits can be bolted in or are they completely different?? She's not even bothered about a difference in colour. Its hurting her back so much that if she doesn't find a 'fix' she wants to sell the car on!!!

She doesn't like seats that hug your bum either like sports seats etc.


Mark :)

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Yeah i meant to put mk2 seats to go into a mk3! If they fit then my mum will be happy as she found them far more comfier than the ones in their new mk3.

The drivers mk3 is ok as that has adjustable lumbar support but its the passenger one thats uncomfortable as there's no lumbar adjust.

Cheers for the reply! :)

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No worries for going off topic!! Used to a few forums that regularly wander way off topics! lol!

Can't remember seeing airbags on the seats in their new mk3??? Will double check though. Either that or wire in the correct plug...there will be a way! :)

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