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Driver Door Will Not Unlock With Key And Sometimes Will Lock

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Can someone help as this is buggin me, My Driver door won't unlock with key sometimes will lock with key if I get it to double lock using the key then I'm able to use remote fob to unlock my car, but if I do lock it with the key and it only locks once then fails to lock I'm left having to open the boot using key climbing all over my seat wile the alarm going off to unlock my car from inside very annoying lol when the drivers door fails to lock I find pulling on the inside door release leaver then I'm able to lock it sometimes, so frustrating also the fob doesn't lock it either just unlocks aslong as the car is doubled locked, not sure if its all connected to the same fault causing these problems, I've tried wd40 and had no luck I've took my door panel off but had to stop as there a plate of metal witch I think hold the window up so will have to wait till got time too get behind it if I need too, some advise would be very much appreciated, also it's a 2004 focus cmax

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Have you tried reprogramming the key? Unlikely problem, but it's worth a try.

Also if you lock the car with the key, does it unlock fine?

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Hi Simon thanks for reply I've fixed the problem this morning and no the car didn't lock at all with the key, I took the handle off door panel and window out then took the hole lock mechanism out there was a long silver rod that went from bottom off the door lock unit and connected to the upper part next to the door lock barrel well that fell out, popped it back it put everything back and woola it's fixed now on to my next thing to fix will be the rain sensor not working, thing when it had windscreen replaced the base were the sensor lives might not been put on right not sure yet lol

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