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Sluggish Fusion 1.4 Tdci


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Hi I have a problem with acceleration at slow speeds with my 2006 1.4 tdci fusion which has covered 45000 miles

at slow speeds as when approaching road junctions or roundabouts in second gear the car is hesitant

to pull away and and i need to slip the clutch to get a safe getaway. In traffic as well it can be a real nightmare

other to this the car starts drives and pulls really well with good top speed and economy

the cars had a full diagnostic test done and a software update plus injector seals replaced.

Does anyone else have this problem or is it a characteristic of this engine design.

I have driven plenty of diesels cars before but none with this type of problem

can anyone help please.

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Hi Kim, I have issues with the "fuel return". Apparently this is a plastic part that sometime gets broken, and the fuel does not return from the engine, and even air might get in to the motor. These are very cheap parts to replace, however the service people need to dissamble a bit to get to them. Reading about your issue though, I wonder if it might be related. I was told that these plastic parts are a problem with all diesel engines from the PSA group, peugeots, citroens, etc, and the common "sympton" is loss of power.

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