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Afternoon all,

To cut a long story short, I recently bought a MK1 Ford Focus (2001) 1600 Zetec, and I absoloutely love it. However, it comes with it's usual Ford problems.

When I purchased it, the speedo was intermittently failing, and the car was cutting out. £22.95 from a Ford specialist in Stockport for a new Vehicle Speedo Sensor, 20 minute job, and I had the new one in. Car is now running much better.

Another problem was misfire/juddering when accelerating in second gear. I drained the fuel, changed the spark plugs and filled up on High Octane Fuel. After a long blast around town and on the motorway, the problem soon dissapeared.

Then moved onto the oil leak from the oil filter, £4 later, and that was solved too.

I'm going to fit the induction kit next week, hope to enable the engine to breathe properly, may invest in a Miltek exhaust too.

However, after all this essay, I do have a question:

Last year I sold my 1.8 Zetec Focus 1999 registered. It was very nippy. But this recently purchased 1600 Zetec seems a lot quicker. Not sure whether somebody has played about with it in the past. There should be a 15BHP difference, but I really dont feel it?

Cheers All,


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