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2003 Tdci 6 Speed Wont Go Into Gear

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HI folks, i have just became the owner of this mondeo but there seems to be a problem with the clutch/gearbox, The car will not go into gear when running, It slots into gear no problem when not running, I havent had much experiance with mondeo's so thought it best to ask here first.

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if the clutch was going wouldn't it be in all gear's and more the lower gear's..

this sounds more like a gear selector issue and maybe something as simple as the gearstick not moving far back enough it select sixth....

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Sounds like clutch release bearing mechanism has gone if it goes into gears whilst engine stood, but will not go into gears with clutch down and engine running.

Have you tried this - Engine off put into 2nd gear, then turn engine over, car should jump along untill engine starts and car will drive as normal, you should then be able to change gear normally by pulling lever into higher gears with NO accelerator used and change down gears by "blipping throttle" between gears as you have gear lever between gears.

When having to stop at junction etc just pull gear lever into neutral and stop car, turn engine off, engage 2nd gear and restart engine and get car moving again etc.

This is obviousley a temp measure, takes a bit of getting used to but I have succesfully used it to get me home when my hydraulics went on my clutch nearly 70miles from home. It will not hurt anything so long as engine revs are used correctly whilst changing down.

I often change gears without clutch just for the hell of it.

If the car drives as normal it is the clutch engagement mechanism that has gone.

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HI folks and thanks for the replies, I tried the starting in 2nd gear and managed to drive along so i took it for a wee spin, drove along fine and lo and behold after a little distance maybe half a mile the gears were ok to select, i thought thats great, drove home parked up, went to move the car a few days later same thing so i did the same and again when it was warm the gears can be selected normally, is this a oil thing maybe or i have also read something about a gear box mounting problem but not sure about that one.

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