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Needless Focus 1.6Tdci + Cvt Concerns?

Dave the Bass

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New to your forum but a life long Ford owner.... starting with (amongst others!) Mk3 Cortina auto with vinyl roof ( no really) then later a 1.1 Ghia Fiesta we took round the clock and most recently our trusty Ford 'Skip', which most folk would call a an Escort 1.8TD Finesse Estate that we've owned for the last 8 years and clocked up 110,000 (Happy) miles in. It now has more rust than body so it has to go unfortunatley.

We've looked around and fallen in luv with its modern replacement, a late 2006 56 plate 1.6TDCi Focus Estate in Zetec trim but with a lorra lorra extras like rear parking sensors + mudflaps (cor!) and an uprated stereo... but best of all (for me cos I'm lazy) its an auto with the CVT box. Car has only done 50K miles and drives nicely but we're scared daft by reading of other folks horror stories regarding premature wear of the transmission (CVT Box).

Are these fears justified or are there happy 1.6 diesel w/ autobox owners out there in Ford-Land that haven't had too many problems?

Yours Truly!



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rubber band gearboxes they are commonly called for that reason two cones attatched via bands theres no gears so they arent really auto boxes ive never seen many owners of cvt who were happy with the gearbox and google and other forums show a lot of issues with them i would get a normal box mate as these cvt dont hold up to the miles theres plenty of fords out there to choose from the issues effect every manufacturer with these boxes from honda to fiat

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Awww, ta for the reply Arthur.

Aye, I've read some of horror stories on the Honest John website. Other Focus and C-max 1.6TDCi's for sale have knocked up respectable 100K+ mileages on the same CVT box too it seems, really seems down to luck maybe?

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