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Ford Ka 2004 Misfiring


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Hi there I have a 2004 ford ka about 18 months ago it started misfiring quite badly took it to the garage who put on new spark plugs and ht leads this made no difference so took it to another garage who changed the coil pack. It ran smoothly for a while but after a couple of days the engine management light came back on as the car seemed to be running fine I left it only to find about six months later the sand thing happened it started misfiring so took it to yet another garage who said it was a cheap coil pack that had been put on and to put a proper ford part on so did this and it worked fine but eight months down the line it's misfiring again worse than ever. Anyone any ideas as to what might be causing this as surely shouldn't be going through two coil packs a year?

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had same prob as claire above. replaced plugs, leads and coil pack.

all was well ... for a couple of months and its just started playing up again :/

could be due to the fact that i bought cheap aftermarket parts rather than genuine ford ones?

ford want £100 just for a set of leads whereas the non-genuine ones were only £25.

think im gona try find a set of genuine ones on ebay before i splash out £100 just incase its not actually the leads causing the problem.

extra info: yesterday she was driving fine until i got on the motorway then started to misfire and engine light came on.

so i pulled over for about ten mins, check lead connections n when i drove on she was fine!

drove to destination using A roads instead of motorway, no probs.

after an hour or so at destination (so engine had cooled down) i go to drive home and she is misfiring even in neutral when i rev.

so kinda back to square 1 with this one???

input from anyone greatly appreciated :)

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turns out it may have just been a clogged up valve because after putting a bottle of redex fuel system cleaner in the tank she 'appears' to be running smooth ...

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