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Having Problems With The Wind Deflectors


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Hello everybody!

I am having problems with the Climair wind deflectors that I've bought a few months ago. The right one does make a horrible sound when I open and close the window plus because of the fact that it does not mould perfectly my window got scratched.

Now I am starting to get !Removed! with the wind deflectors especially coming from Climair which states that they are the best in what they are doing. Honestly they did not prove it in my case at least. They don't fit that perfectly and the make a very strange sound when opening and closing the window. Moreover, the left window does not even close that well.

Anybody having similar issues with the Climair wind deflectors?


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Maybe I have to wait longer...I only have them for 4 months :D

So we have the same problem with the scratched window...that's really annoying!

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I find these quite annoying at times. The creaking from the passenger window winds me up sometimes, I guess that one will take longer to settle because it isn't used as much. But not noticed any scratches on the window (must check that).

Cheers for tip Stoney - I will try that.

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Got one WD40 (silicone free) yesterday and after spraying into the window channels everything started to be normal... finally :)

Cheers Stoney for the advice!

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