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Ford Fiesta Mk6 1.6 Inner Cv Joints Not Fitting.


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Hi there

I'm currently doing the Ford Fiesta MK6 Project and have run into issues with the CV joints.

Do the Ford Fiesta MK6 1.4 inner CV joints fit onto the Ford Fiesta MK6 1.6 (facelift model)?

i have done an engine swap and put the 1.6 into the 1.4 but kept alot of the 1.4 parts including the CV joints. i tried fitting the 1.4 inner CV joints into the 1.6 gearbox but they dont go in as easy as i thought. i ended up using the hammer to get one in on the left. but it felt like i needed to much force to get it on :( \

i currently cant move the inner CV joint up or down it just stays at the angel i hammered it in.

Please any advice would be great right now. i really hope i havnt bent something or worse broken something.

PS: how do you get the inner's out once they have been forced in?

thanks again

* added the 2 pics i have *



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But if i do get others those cv's must differ by worst case like 1mm :( does anyone have a picture of their inner CV joints?? maybe can then compare pictures. maybe i got them in as far as they can go and the extra hammering i did was for no reason as they were in already.. i'm really not sure :(

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Hi all. good news. i got the CV's fitted and they work. i think i was just hammering too far. i got a rubber mallet this time to avoid damaging the teeth on the CV. I mounted the hub and outer CV and then fitted the wheel and turned it and it worked. did the front right as well and it turned even easier. So looks like the 1.4 and 1.6 gearboxes use the same CV joints.

Case closed :D

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