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Ford Ka 2007 Getting Stuck In Gears, Help!!!

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I have a 2007 Ford Ka and for the best part of a year now i have been having problems with the clutch/gears.

When i try to change gear i often find that i am unable to physically move the gear stick out of whatever gear it is in, or sometimes i cannot move it into gear, despite my foot having the clutch pedal pressed to the floor. This happens at any time and without any warning. However, if i pump the clutch pedal to the floor several times the clutch is restored to normal.

Please do not say it is the fault of the clutch because we know it isn't. It has also been bled twice. Is it worth changing the clutch fluid?

This problem can be potentially dangerous in that, without warning, you can press the clutch pedal to the floor and not be able to move the gear lever from the gear it is in. The only way round this is to kill the ignition quickly or stall it.

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Water in the system can cause problems too as it doesn't mix with the hydraulic fluid and behaves differently under pressure.

The hydraulic release bearing may well not be disengaging the clutch plates properly causing drag.

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