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Fiesta Mk4 1.3 Endura Engine Starting Problems


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Hello dear Fiesta owners. I'm not from UK but I've came to this forum because my Fiesta model was very popular in Britain and the forum in my country isn't that active.

Anyway I have a little problem with my Mk4 Fiesta (1.3 Endura '97). For a while now when I start the engine after it's been off for more than a few hours, it just starts and then dies. Afterwards it starts with no other problems. Also if I try to rev it after starting it will almost stall and stop. Needless to say that after encountering this issue when trying to get fast into the street and just staying there like a beached whale, I grew concerned.

So if any of you had similar problems or any ideas, I would greatly appreciate it. Cheers.

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So it only happens when the engine is cold? Maybe cold start sensor. May be worth checking your spark plugs also and see if they are set correctly. Be careful not to over tighten when refitting or replacing as they can brake easyand that can cause a lot of damage ifmit finds its way into the pistons. With my fiesta the metal on the end of the spark plugs are set to be 1mm away from the tip I think.

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