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Play At 9-3 In Front Wheels


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I was changing the pads and discs today and had a poke around. Gripping the wheel at the 9-3 position there was a bit of play on both sides, more so on the passenger front.

I'm sure I read there should be no more than a few mm play mines more than this but no more that about 5mm as an estimate.

Is this caused by worn track rod ends ?


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I forgot to add, probably due to water on the brain or being assaulted by my daughter with a trainer when I checked the passenger side there was a little clunk, so I reckon something is on the way to car part heaven.

So I will have a check of the ends and is that the arb bush you were talking about or a bush on the control arm ?

Lol probably worth looking at anything that moves and is or has rubber on.

I did try to check at 12-6 and it was fine.

I guess wear and tear approaching 60k

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