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Changing Unlock So It Opens All Doors On A Single Press


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Firstly, want to say 'hi' to everyone.

I've just bought an 06 2.0 TDCI Titanium S Max and am really enjoying it. I had some major problems at the start with the power steering but thats all sorted now by the dealer.

One thing, though, is really annoying me - when unlocking the doors with the key fob, I have to press the unlock button twice to be able to unlock all doors. I keep forgetting to do this and the family get annoyed because only the drivers door is unlocked.

I thought I read somewhere that you can change this setting by pressing a combination on the key fob, but I can't get it to work whatever I do.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Would really appreciate the help.

Many thanks and all the best


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i thought it was a safety feature that had to be programmed.

on mine it unlocks all doors,must admit i would like that feature on mine.

if no joy here ask in the smax forum.

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Try pressing both the lock and unlock button at the same time (holding them for at least 4 seconds). The indicators will flash to inform you that the locking system has reprogrammed. It should now unlock and lock all doors.

Do the same again to reverse it.

Too late, Dan62 beat me to it.

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Thanks so much for the welcome and all the info - much appreciated! :)

Have tried holding both lock and unlock down at the same time for 4+ seconds but doesn't seem to do anything. Perhaps i'm not doing it right or pressing both down at exactly the same time. Will try again later.

Thanks again.


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Keep hold of both until you get a response from the lights. Miy car took a good 10-15 seconds. Focus mk2.5

In the Fiesta (Mk6) the option is actually in the settings in the trip computer display (this might be the case in your S-Max)

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Done it!

I had to hold down the lock button first and then hold the unlock button - its now working to unlock all doors with a single press. Thanks so much for your help.

My next task is to see if I can change the radio to a more up to date double din one (which has ipod integration as thats all I listen to in the car really). Got no idea where to start really so will have a look and perhaps start a thread to see if any one on here has replaced the 6006 CDC with a different unit? Not sure how easy it will be. Hope thats ok to start a thread on that?

Thanks everyone.

All the best

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