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Another Central Locking Problem :(

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Right then guys I'm in need of a little help if possible.

Sorry if its in the wrong section and for it being a little long

1, car will not lock when i try and lock it from the remote, they try to lock but sort of bounce back

2, passanger front door wont do anything (have to lock/unlock from inside the car manually)

3, key in door locks and unlocks all doors apart from passanger

4, when i unlock the car from the remote only the back doors unlock

5, only way i can get into the boot is by the fob. The switch on the dash and the button on the boot handle wont open it.

Now i have noticed the wires going from the body of the car to the boot lid can be seen with the boot shut as though its kinked but it doesn't look like it is

Sorry if this has been covered already but i can't seem to find anything the same as this. If someone could point me to a thread where its been covered or can give me any help with the above I'd be very grateful :D

By the way the car is a 2001 mk3 saloon

Thanks Chris

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have you tried replacing the passengers side front lock that will shore sort out most of your problems,mine was like that now sorted.if you got radio code disconnect battery leave half hour then reconnect and see it should be ok

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Well ive checked the passenger lock and i can't hear the motor going so I'm going to replace that and see what happens

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Just a little update for you all.

I was just having a look to see where the control module was and have a guess what i found. Yeah 3 loose connections, so i plugged them all back in and hey presto i now have fully function remote locking, boot release from dash switch, working interior light and heated rear screen. To say I'm happy is an understatement :D

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