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Steering Remote Control Issues - Buttons Not Always Responding


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I've noticed since I bought my mk7 titanium last week (it's a 58 plate) that the radio remote control buttons on the left side of my steering wheel only appear to work intermittently. The lot of them.

The cruise control buttons on the right side are fortunately working as they should.

Has anyone come across this before and does anyone have any suggestions as to what might be causing this/how to fix it? It's sadly out of warranty so I suspect a full replacement will be pretty expensive.

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There are 3 torx20/25 screws you need to undo on the back of the steering wheel.

Theese 3 screws holds the plastic "V"

When they are out, you simply pull it off.. It can be a litte tricky, but it's doable.. :)

After this, it's pretty straight forward. :)


You will also need to dismount your airbag ..

The battery must be out for 10-20 min before you start working on it...

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I had this same problem on my Fiesta Mk7 (2014) soon after I bought it last month. I have seen several reasons given on this forum and suggestions including replacing the audio switch, squirting WD40, rebooting the system etc. Pressing the switch sometimes worked or not, or pressing the volume button changed channels/track and vice versa. I had tried rebooting the system etc but nothing altered. Fortunately there was a 3 month warranty from the dealer and they paid for it to be looked at by a Ford dealership. They removed the drivers airbag and diagnosed that the connector wiring was under tension and making a poor connection. They removed the tension from the wire and greased the connection and it all worked fine. Might be worth looking at if you have the same problem, but I am wary of touching any airbags!

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