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`02 2.0 Petrol, Where Is The Crankshaft Sensor At??


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Hi Folks,

My gf`s `02 2.0 petrol Mondeo has, so the breakdown man said, a faulty crankshaft sensor. I`ve bought the sensor but have no idea at all where it`s at on the engine!

Can someone shed some light on this please!



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in haynes manual,its says its next to crankshaft on rh side of engine(as if ur in drivers seat looking forward).you have to jack car up,remove right front wheel,inside cover-part,.

Im looking at a picture o it,and it looks like its sitting just to the left of crankshaft.

On V6's it looks like its to the right of crankshaft.

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Thats brilliant, many many thanks!! :D

The bottom one looks like mine, I take it that its the same position as the top pic on the engine?

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