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Footwell Lights? And Other Interior Lights?

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So i have already done a few small changes to my mk6.5 fiesta:

  • Painted brake calipers red, rear drums black.
  • Front grills and fog light surrounds all sprayed satin black.
  • New leather gear gaiter, new black leather gear knob.
  • K&N 57i induction kit fitted (sounds so nice).
  • Rally headlight bulbs fitted (These's bulbs are bright, would recommend to anyone)

What i have planned in the next few weeks:

  • I have new front headlight clusters on order.
  • Am constantly looking for rear lexus ones for my car but no luck.
  • Alloys are getting refurbed and sprayed polished black soon.
  • Possibly changing the seats also.
  • Red and black ford badges.

With my car im going for a black and red theme, so i want to have red interior lights. This weekend i will be putting a red bulb in the interior above driver/passenger seats. But i would also like red footwell lights, any suggestions as to which ones. I would preferably like ones that i can EASILY wire to the 12v plug or that runs off a battery connected to the lights.

Also was thinking of putting red LEDS on my speedo's any suggestions/links to this also?

Any help or discussion much appreciated!

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Mods sounds gd, got any pics of the induction kit fitted? I myself are looking into footwell lights the only issue I see is mounting them somewhere in the footwell

I will be fitting an ignition ring whixh is powered from the interior light and will power the footwell leds

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