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Removing Fiesta Zetec S Front Lip?


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I hope someone could clarify this for me. I am thinking of removing the front lip from my Zetec S in order to have it resprayed (to get rid of the slight scuff marks at the bottom), however after speaking to a friend, apparently the lip is a pain to install again. Infact, my friend ended up gluing his back into place.

I have read various installation instructions online and a lot of them state that the lip is fixed at the top using 3M tape whilst riveted at the bottom. Could someone clarify whether or not this is how the skirt is installed as standard from the factory? The reason for asking is that I don't want to find myself in a difficult situation once I have removed the lip. I have been told by my friend that there are some 'metal clips' that get destroyed on removal and these clips are needed again for installation.

Either that or I could fit a Triple-R Composite front splitter, however I don't know how far the 'curved lip' on the actual splitter extends over the bottom of the bumper skirt (in effect, covering the scuffs). If someone has one of these installed could you provide any input?

Is anyone able to help?


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Riveted with special pot rivets, sticky padded and screwed.

I installed a front spoiler and that was bad enough.

Why not just leave it in place and spray / repair it? Less hassle.

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Thanks for the replies - yeah I think I will leave it on and get it sprayed as you guys say. A lot less hassle.

Just bought a triple-r front splitter to try and cover the damage so will see how well that works first.

Cheers :)

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