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How To Remove/ Fix A Focus Sat Nav Radio

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I have a 2008 Focus which has an inbuilt sat nav/ radio/ CD etc. Unfortunately for me it has stopped working entirely, not just part of it, the whole thing.

I have checked the fuse in the glove box and it seems fine.

From reasearch on the internet something somewhere mentioned resetting it, but you have to remove it to do this.

Any ideas how I can remove it?

Or any better ideas for how I may get it working again?

I do n't know the model number of the radio so have uploaded a photo ot it.




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To remove your radio you first need to unclip the fascia from around the radio.

Use a plastic tool or a screwdriver with tape on it to avoid scratching anything.

Start at one of the bottom corners and work around the fascia freeing up the clips on the back of the fascia.

Once the fascia is off then you'll see four screws at the corners of the radio.

Unscrew these and the radio will pull forward.

Disconnect the radio connector by pushing a small catch outwards then rotating the locking arm up.

Make sure you have your radio code first.

Alternatively you can just pull out fuse 112 and leave out for about ten minutes.

Again make sure you have your radio code first.

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