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How To Turn On "scandinavian Daylights" (Dlr) Through Obd?

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Hi you all! I have been playing with ELMConfig some time already, but what I cannot find anywhere is how to get my car's DLR mode activated. I do not mean attaching LED Daylights, but turning on the option that the headlamps turn on automatically at a lower power everytime the engine is running even with having the light selector at zero-position ("Scandinavian mode").

Is it possible to turn on with ELMConfig or ELM-FF2, or any other program using MS-can/HS-can cable? My Ford dealer wants 70 euros for the change which himself says "can be changed in the ECU without extra wiring" and it feels so stupid to pay such an amount of money for the feature, since I am able to change much more features with ELMConfig by myself... Here in Finland daylights are compulsory at all times, and it is much nicer to have them automatically than forget to turn them manually on every now and then :)

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The car doesnt have this functionality as far as I am aware, it only offers DRL's as LED's. However, check the fusebox. The FuseBox should contain a fuse that when installed / removed activates this feature.

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dunno about the kuga but i know i read on the forums a fair while ago this can be done on the focus

wouldnt know where to start to try n find the thread though was that long ago

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Hmm, thank you Brigante, I still have hope :)
It seems this is a topic which is not much known, since I cannot find any answer on the internet (I have found the methods for VAG cars like VW and Skoda, for e.g. and they are pretty simple) and have received many answers in forums telling "it is not possible through software" but already two Ford dealers here in Finland have confirmed me they can do it through software and the amount they would charge me for doing it. So it must be possible. I guess it is the same procedure in the Focus than in the Kuga.

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