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Ford Fiesta Front + Rear Bumper. External Mods.

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Hey guys!

I'm new to these forums and new to driving, (Only passed in March :P) but I chose the best car, my little Fiesta as my first car.

I have got the 2004 1.25l Finesse model, so it doesn't look too fancy with its' lack of spoiler and colour coded bumpers..... I'm wanting to change that.

I'm a complete novice when it comes to car mods, but I have to start somewhere, so don't make fun of me ^_^.

Right, this is what it looks like at the moment : (Paintwork is in a horrid state, you can't tell from this but it's not spectacular)


So, I'm wanting to get colour coded bumpers for the front and rear, a spoiler and alloy wheels, but they might have to wait. I have also been looking at this : http://www.pumaspeed.co.uk/product-Fiesta-Mk6-Full-RSR-Bodykit-Saves_264.jsp

But I can't work out whether I need the colour coded bumpers and then this, or I can just go straight ahead and buy these? I just want to get rid of that hideous grey plastic :(

Another quick question, which make of alloys would you guys choose? I've been looking at some and they are super pricey, and some are pretty cheap but I don't want them to buckle or anything. Or should I even be buying mods? Should I just wait until I get a Fiesta in better condition? Ahh, so many questions popping into my head :P

I'm off to work now anyways, hopefully I'l be able to come chat with you guys when I get back.

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If you start doing these sort of mods you should advise your insurance and they will crucify you even more than they already have done. Also no offence but you are more likely to have a bump early days and spoil any bumper upgrades. I would just leave it as it is and get your first years NCB earned than upgrade to something a little better then.

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Ive got the rsr bodykit and your back bumper you can just fit the bodykit onto it and colour code it and it fully hides the grey. For the front bumper I fitted mine to the original grey bumper but after a year the paint has start to flake off the black plastic bit so ive bought a new front bumper thats meant to be fully colour coded and im going to refit the front valance skirt to it aswel as fitting front fog lights. Ps if you're planning on fitting front fog lights do it before you fit the body kit because once the kits fitted you wont be able to

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