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First And Probably Last Post On The Forum - Sadly


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I've been lurking on here for a while and picking up lots of useful tips on the Fiesta Ecoboost for which many thanks.

On the back of feedback here I ordered a new Fiesta Ecoboost 125 five door at the beginning of March. I needed to get the car by the end of June in order to register it for the 3 year "sunset period" of the London Congestion Zone for sub-100g CO2 cars (free rather than £12 a day). I have a Kia Picanto currently for the school run which is inside the zone - it is functional but not much fun to drive and no fun at all outside London. I went through Drive-the-Deal and got a great price. Despite being told twice by the dealer (in Wales) that it would arrive on or around 8 June, it has been (surprise, surprise!) delayed. Reason given was a problem with sat/nav and reversing camera at the factory. It will now turn up in the next month or so which is useless to me!! Very disappointing as I was really looking forward to what sounds like a cracking car and I now have the additional problem of effectively flogging it brand-new. The only silver lining is that I will be paying the D the D price so hopefully will not lose too much and, to be fair, I'd always realised the risks of delay - next time (if there is one) I'll buy a stock car.

Spec is -

Fiesta Ecoboost 125 5 door Titanium X in Candy Blue

17 inch alloys

Deflation detection system

Driver assistance pack

Sony nav with DAB/Sync/bluetooth

Rear view camera

If anyone has any good ideas on how to dispose of it new, I'd be very interested! Current thought is BCA Sure Sell.The dealer will, I'm sure, be looking to snaffle my deposit (£1.5k) for the privilege of not taking delivery and, on principle, I 'm not willing to allow them to profit from me (having let me down in the first place) so will take delivery.

Thanks particularly to the forum contributors (I'd hoped to be one going forward) but I'll now be soldiering on with the Picanto.

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Why have you got to 'flog it'?

If the dealer was not able to deliver by the date agreed the deal should be void, so it should be his problem, not yours.

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The delivery date is almost always estimated and was in this case.

To be fair to them, I knew and accepted this as a calculated risk - which at four months I thought was reasonable for a mass market car.

I was wrong!

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Agreed an estimated date is just that, but if you told them when you needed it by & bought it based on it being here by then It should be their problem. But if you've missed the deadline anyway, what other car you gonna get?

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I'm stuck with the Kia.

The entitlement to no congestion charge resides with the car now for 3 years so can't change it without losing the exemption.

Not the end of the world but would have much prefered to have a Fiesta!

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