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Coolant Leak - Suspected Thermostat Housing Focus Tdci 1.6


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hi all,

i always used to keep an eye on all fluids in car but for some reason i went a month or 2 without checking coolant etc.

when i did check, coolant level was almost empty, just a little at bottom of reservoir. car has been fine though, no overheating etc.

i topped up again with coolant and water and drove around a bit and realised it was gradually dropping again, going from max line to just under min line in a week - about 100-150 miles.

i called mechanic to check and straight away he said thermostat housing as he could see water to the right side of engine (near gear box housing), he said the only thing that side of the engine to leak water would be the TH.

so got it all done for £140 fully fitted. so i'm hoping that does cure it, he did say though that when he took the old one out he couldn't see any visible signs of damage buit that it could have been a slow leak from the seals on the housing.

my question is, if it does carry on leaking (fingers crossed it won't) where else could it be leaking from as like i say, he said upon checking around the area of the leak, it could only really be the housing.


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Just the housing the seals go brittle if its a mk1 or 1.5 the thermoplastic housings eventually deterioate some warp a bit quite common i reckon youll be sorted the only other place would be a hose like the top rad hose has a pinhole or the securing clips are worn

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The mk2 has the metal housing so its not uncommon for a seal to deterioate on the mk2 you have the sensor screwed in to the side and the top rad hose thats all there that could leak coolant onto the gearbox so you should be okay

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