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Electronic Parking Brake


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I have a 2004 Ford C-Max 2.0 TDCi with an electronic parking brake.
The car recently failed the MOT with a sticking rear calliper. This was
replaced but the problem has re-occurred. I have stripped down the rear brakes
and after my own investigation found that the handbrake cable was not being
properly released (therefore seized) when the EPM motor was actuated. The
garage agreed with my diagnosis BUT I was told that Ford only supply the two
cables and actuator motor combined at over £600 plus about £200 to fit. I find
this a very expensive solution. I asked the garage (non-ford and utterly
dependable) if I could source the parts from a breaker for them to fit but they
are unsure if the actuator would be coded to the car it came from and cause a
problem initialising it with the car ECU. I find it unbelievable that the
cables cannot be bought separately Any advice & guidance would be


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