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Remote Key Fob Not Working?

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Recently purchased a 1.4 Fiesta Flame MK6 and the key fob with the three buttons doesn't remotely lock/unlock the doors or boot, but can still manually lock/unlock the doors and start the car with the key.

I've changed the battery, but it still doesn't work.

Looking through past invoices, it seems the previous owner took it to a Ford dealer for the above reason.

Work carried out - 'Program Remote Key. Checked battery fitted ok. Tried to reprogram key but would not work. Internal fault in Transmitter'

Do I need a completely new fob?

I've looked on ebay and you can buy new key fobs for about £25, but would obviously need to be programmed etc.

I could also separate the key end from the fubar remote control so I wouldn't need a new key cut.

I've also been reading the owners manual about how new keys can be programmed in the ignition.

Is this a good idea, could I do this myself? Rather not have to pay £150 odd at a dealer.

I have two keys (the remote key and a normal key)

Any advice much appreciated,

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You are correct that you can fix the key yourself thus depriving Ford of their cheeky profits.

Buy a new blank key off ebay, swap the RCL circuit part of the new key to your existing working parts (blade and battery side with the transponder chip on it then programme it yourself.

As long as you ensure you have the original transponder chip (the glass tube which is a Texas Crypto ID4D-63 type) and original key blade you will be fine.

Programming procedure-

1. Insert Key and turn to II, then Turn Key from II to I and back to II four times within 3 seconds
2. The PATS LED (Flashing immobiliser light) should light up to denote that the programming phase is unlocked. Turn Key to Position 0.
3. Press the Unlock button and keep it pressed until the PATS LED flashes 4 times.
4. Turn to II and back to 0 to end.

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Ordered a new fob off ebay, so when it arrives I'll program it as per the procedure.

Many thanks Stoney,

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All sorted; swapped blade and transponder halves from old key and put them together with the new RCL circuit half of the new fob, programmed it as per the above procedure and jobs a good'un! B)

Cheers again Stoney!

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