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Bonnet Won't Open Anymore In 1.6 Tdci


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Hi guys I need your help figuring out how to open my bonnet it's been fine all along and all of a sudden I try to open it there's nothing happening...the key turns ok but there's no click I've tried to turn it either way still no luck please help me out .

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Nash this topic has been covered many times on here briggante recently did a guide on how to do it basically what your looking for is through the grill you will see a rubber grommet on the latch using a long screwdriver remove that comes out easy there's a white disc behind that this needs pushing back to relocate it now briggante. Did say it should be turned into a certain position so it goes straight back in .if you trawl back through the posts on here I'm sure you will find the guide sure it was only last week.

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