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Seatbelt Annoying Warning


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Hello All,

When I exit my work I need to enter my ticket to a machine so

I have like one minute driving without a Seat Belt until the machine.

Everytime in this one minute,

I have this annoying sound alarming me that I don't have my Seat Belt streched

and I should plug it in.

How do I disable this warning?

Thanks a lot you guys :)

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You'd have to find the wire coming out of the seatbelt plug and short it together, so it has a constant feed thinking the seatbelt is on. Would imagine it would require chopping of wires etc just so you know.

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When I read the bit about buckling and unbuckling 10 times I thought this guy's having a laugh here... But it works! I have a gate to my apartment which I have to get out the car to put a code in to open, great not to have the bonging anymore!

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