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Help With My Van

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Hello I'm new and I own a 55 diesel Escout Van I would like to know it the following will work .

I want to lower the van which way to do this

Going to run banned steels 8 in the front and 9s in the back

JDM arches

And have the wheels spaced out

Will this work I'm handy with a tool set so can do the work . My pasted rides were

Evo 4 with 400 bhp

BMW e36 325 estate drop a 100mm all round with BBS split rims 8 and 9

I also own a 1979 Vw panel van which I have dropped 3 ins all round

Any help would be good thanks for the help


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Did this on my Escort Van when I had one.

De-Cambered Leaf springs are the way to go if you want to do it the easy way :)

Heres what I did with mine.....

If you get the van in the air and have a look at it, the axle is mounted underneath the leaf springs, if you can get the axle on top of the leaf springs this will lower it about 70-80mm (the thickness of the axle).

If you just simply did that, the axle mounts that have a locating dowel would be on the wrong side and you wouldnt be able to fit it back on without the risk of it sliding about on the spring.

You need to cut the mounts off the axle and re-weld them on the underside so the dowels still locate into the leaf springs.

Remove the rear brake compensator too.

I had my van for 4 years like this and had no problems whatsoever.

Hope this helps,


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