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Exhaust vibration knockin' !


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to save me some ££ going to get it looked out, would like ur advice peeps.

It looks like a fair new exhaust. but wen stationary with the engine running, or after ive revved the engine and the revs' drop, a "knocking" sound, not vibration, more like a bouncing knocking noise comes from inside my exhaust ..

if i push down with slight pressure on the exhaust pipe, the knocking stops. but it sounds like its coming from inside the main chamber. i can hear it somethings when im cruising along at a steady 30mph.

whats your thoughts guys, i've no ramp to reverse onto to check the car but i have a jack.

recon its a simple tighten something up? or somethings wrong!

thanks in advance for your help.


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it could be that the exhaust requires adjustment on a bracket or securing clip, you really need a ramp to check it out. perhaps call into a local exhaust cnt to check the exhaust alignment.

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