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Rubber Windscreen Seal

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Hi guys, I have got an issue with my Ford. Apparently its very common. The rubber seal along the top of the windscreen has lost its stick, and every couple of hundred miles blows up. This makes a rattling noise in the wind and requires being pushed back on to the top of the windscreen. Now I know this is only superficial and no cause for concern, but I want it fixed. The car was in warranty but apparently that does not cover the rubber trims.. great. So basically it needs glued back to the windscreen. I dont mind doing this as the seal would need replaced anyway if the windscreen was replaced so no big deal.

Anyone got experience with this and the best way to do it?

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You could try Tigerseal.

It's a very strong automotive adhesive and is the preferred weapon of choice for bodykit fitters.

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As you state, it's very common on the 2005 - 2011 Focus and partly due to the curvature at the top. The trim is fitted to the glass before it is fitted to the car (the trim has a lip on the profile which helps to keep the glass off the pinchweld, and this provides a minimum and uniform gap between the two substrates). That said, if the trim is not on the glass correctly, or enough, it will come off; if the screen is set in the wrong position, the trim will work loose, or, if there is a discrepancy between the 'cut' of the glass and the shape of the roofline, the two outer-most curves (at the corners) will be tighter fitting and thus will prevent the middle bit from fitting snugly.

Many have tried to glue it back in but if the trim is not slotting over the glass edge enough, it won't sit right and therefore will look distorted.

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