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Does Anyone Else Have A Scratch Angel?


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If you don't know what I'm on about...read ahead..

Basically, I have come to the conclusion that there is an angel who is given the task of personally scratch your car when you're not looking...

It would appear that no matter where I park, no matter how careful I am, not matter how far away from anyone I put it, I get a scuff, scratch, mark from this creature...

It's incredible.. gave the car a lovely wash 2 - 3 days ago? Noticed all the usual paint work damage that have kindly been bestowed unto my poor motor. Since then I've driven approx 8 miles at most? And low and behold, another mark on it....

It's insane...

Some of them are not good, some are just 'gentle little brushes'... I just don't understand how this can happen!!!!

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Most if not all the marks on my car will be from bush marks as I never leave the car parked in a bay anymore.

Quite narrow country roads around here though...

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Yep. Mine has a range of tools to pick from, Cars, stones, keys, metal studs on jeans and whatever else I have missed.

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If my sratch angel exists, he must be an OAP. It doesn't matter where I park there always someone in his/her 80/90s who absolutely must to swing their door open into my car. :(

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