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Focus Mk1 1.4

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Could a gearbox speed sensor break after 4/5000 miles? I changed it a few month ago as the speedo was dropping to zero intermittently and then reviving itself...

However the speedo is now permanently stuck on zero, miles are no showing/registering and the engine management light is on...

The vehicle runs ok, but found at low speed & changing gear it judders, also hesitant at high speed in terms of picking up....

I know vss is a common fault and happy to change again but want to get more opinions before spending on the wrong thing..... I know the clusters are rubbish too, but only have speedo issue and if was the cluster more dials would be out, wouldn't they??

Any input would be great, 1 more thing is... Considering buying a diagnostic tool off eBay, it's focus specific and is only 15£... It reads OBD and OBD2 will that fit the bill? If anyone's used are they ok?


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