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Time To Get Stuck In Again Fuel Question (St170 + Mk4 +Oem Ecu)


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Hey guys. Iv decided to carry on with my project. Iv finished up a lot of welding. battery tray.. fuse tray.. both sills both rear wheels.. ect lol

I'm dropping in the st170 engine and escort Rs gearbox

Because my mk4 was rocking a 1.4 carb. What can I do for fueling ? Because st170 is ofcourse injected and non return system it uses the control module to adjust fueling via voltage to the pump

Can I install a inline pump or do I need a new tank ?

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As anyone ever sent a 5v signal back to the ecu on the fuel rail sensor too trick the ecu too allow the ignition too work. Then just use something like a sierra pump and filter with a return style rail with fuel regulator?

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Had them specs from a ford forum

St170/SVT fuel specs

Specs are as follows:

Max Power Consumption @ 30Lph/270kPa = 50W

Max Current Draw = 10.1A

Nominal (NEW) = 8.49A

Nominal Performance = 154Lph

Min New = 125Lph

General Test Condition = 12.0V/350kPA



It's gonna be hard to run a inline pump on a returnless system.

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Can you not get the whole fuelling system off of a smacked one in a breakers yard? plenty of CAT c's about, bit of a pain to change a fuel tank over, aftermarket fuel pumps are also horrendous money as you've probably found out, I'd go with just taking one from the Focus, at least you'll be happy knowing it'll work without issue.

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